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Bowling With The Dancing Idiot

My soon-to-be-in-laws visited us this weekend. One of the things we did was go bowling. Now there is an unspoken courtesy on the lanes: when someone is next to you about to bowl, you wait for your roll until he/she has completed if they went before you. I mean it makes sense, just distracting when someone takes their turn while you’re mid-bowl.

Now, who is going to communicate this to black people? Actually, forget it, courtesy isn’t the issue we had. The issue we had is a common minority issue: they let their friggin kids do whatever they want. We had a ballerina little shit of a girl dance all over our lanes while one of us would go to bowl or as we bowled. The mother just chilled. The father just chilled harder. Of course they had more than one kid, so the others would all go to bowl at the same time. And they are in the line right next to us.

Father-by-law actually had to stop mid-bowl and kinda felt it as the bumbling dancing fool distracted him and got too damn close. Mother in law finally told the girl is she can “watch out sweetie” and then the mother finally said “Lashonda I told you that you can’t be running all around, sit down!”. Yea ok, you told her. Damn ghetto slut.

Know what sucks? A good friend pointed out that a lot of black folk will go ahead and assume or even voice their stereotypes about whites: “Look at that cracka, they betta not get in my way damn pushovers.” I actually feel bad, because imagine other people voiced their stereotypes about blacks? Ouch. Fight fo’ sho’.


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  1. yes! do you speak english? 🙂

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